How to Choose the Right E-liquid
Not all e-liquid is equal, but with so many products available, how do you determine which e-liquid brand is right for you? There are certain factors to consider when shopping for e-juice. Use the following tips to help you decide which e-liquid to use when vaping:
The difference between PG & VG
E-juice will consist of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG) containing nicotine and added flavor. After finding a supplier who uses USP-grade ingredients, it’s important to consider the PG/VG combination that will create the most satisfying vaping experience.
PG is more commonly used as a base ingredient than VG. It is used in thousands of consumer products, and is FDA approved. It is also widely considered safe to consume. PG is sweeter than VG, but provides a better “throat hit.”
Vegetable glycerin is a thick, heavy, and sweet-tasting liquid. It gives your smokeless cigarette a very pleasant sweet flavor, and creates large amounts of vapor. It also creates an incredibly smooth throat hit that many users highly appreciate. Vegetable glycerin is derived from vegetables. Therefore it is considered completely natural and safe. VG is also used as a sweetener and in many cosmetic products.
Vegetable glycerin provides a slight sweet flavor without actual sugar. It is metabolized by the body in a different way than sugar, so you can enjoy sweet flavor without the added calories and fat.
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