Our Favorite Flavors This Month

When shopping on DolceVapes.com you can browse e-juice by category. Our categories include: fruity, savory, tobacco blends, and energy boost. Our fruity flavors include everything from cantaloupe to guava, blueberry, and dragon fruit. Savory flavors include butter rum candy, cappuccino, pina colada, and peanut butter cup.

Our tobacco blends are most popular with former conventional smokers. For smokers, our tobacco blends give them the taste of traditional cigarettes without the harsh chemicals. For those who need a boost in the middle of the day, Dolce Vapes e-boost flavors provide the caffeine perk up to get through the work day.  

At Dolce Vapes we manufacture premium e-liquid with quality ingredients. We offer a variety of delicious flavors, which can make it difficult to decide just which flavor to order. You can’t lose with so many great flavors to choose from, but we’ve picked our favorite flavors to spotlight this month.

Fruity: Black Cherry

Out of all of our fruity flavors, black cherry is our favorite. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and sour. Vaping with this e-liquid flavor provides the sweet smell and flavor of freshly picked black cherries. Skip dessert and take a vape with this popular e-liquid flavor. Buy black cherry e-liquid now.

Savory: Chai Tea

Chai Tea is especially popular during the fall and holiday seasons, and we know why. There’s nothing more comforting than a warm cup of chai tea. We’ve infused the spices you love from Chai Tea and incorporated them into our Chai Tea e-liquid.

E-Boost: Espresso

There’s nothing like a shot of espresso to help get you through the day, nothing except vaping with Dolce Vapes e-boost espresso e-liquid. Vaping with the espresso flavored e-juice not only tastes and smells good, but provides you with the energy boost you need to get through the work day.

Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something more traditional, Dolce Vapes has the e-liquid flavor for you! Buy your bottle today.