We all have those days when we’re low on energy. The stress of your career and/or running a household can wear a person out, leaving little energy to do much else. To help us get the boost we need to get through the work day, many of us drink caffeinated beverages, but those same beverages that pep us up may have a negative effect on our health.

Beverages like sodas, coffee, and energy drinks often contain enormous amounts of sugar. By now most of us know the negative effects sugar has on the body. Sugar turns into fat, which causes other serious health issues like diabetes and heart disease. It also provides a short peak of energy, followed by a crash that leaves you with less energy than you started with.

Smokers often use conventional cigarettes to help them get through the work day. While some use traditional cigarettes to calm their nerves, others use it because they believe the stimulants give them energy. Conventional cigarettes are linked with serious health problems such as heart disease and lung cancer. Hardly worth the short-term pep you might get.

Researchers believe electronic cigarettes are healthier than cigarettes, and will help save thousands of lives. E-cigs are tobacco free, have far fewer chemicals, and use vapor rather than smoke. They have the same look and feel as cigarettes, but are a more affordable option.

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