In recent months at least two East Tennessee jails have seen a decrease in disturbances and contraband trade by allowing inmates to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

For those who have safety concerns about electronic cigarettes, Claiborne County Sherriff David Ray confirmed to the Knoxville News Sentinel that the e-cigs cannot be used as weapons. However, inmates are required to turn in their used e-cigarettes in order to purchase new ones.

The cost of an e-cigarette at the jail is $10. One electronic cigarette is the equivalent in cost to two-and-a-half packs of conventional cigarettes. Keep in mind, users can get several more uses from an e-cigarette than traditional cigarettes.

According to Greene County Sheriff Steve Burns, the introduction of e-cigs to inmates in August has decreased the number of fights in the jail.

“The jail doesn’t make a big profit on the e-cigarettes, but they help keep the peace,” says Ray.

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