Critics of e-cigarettes claim that non-tobacco flavors were designed to appeal to children. The claim can be damaging to a product that many believe could help more smokers quit. However, a recent survey found adults who use e-cigarettes to quit smoking overwhelmingly prefer the flavors many believed only children would enjoy. Now there is sales data to back up that claim.

Palm Beach Vapors, an e-cigarette chain of stores that sells to adults only, indicates that nontobacco e-liquid flavors sell at a much higher rate than flavors designed to mimic the taste of conventional cigarettes. In fact, during the fiscal year ending on June 30th, e-juice sales for the chain totaled $1.2 million, with more than 50% of sales coming from e-liquid flavors like strawberry, watermelon, sweet-n-tart, and Hawaiian punch.

Only 3.18% of sales were for the chain’s menthol (plain) flavor, and only 1.24% for Cherry Balsam Tobacco. Other top flavors included tropical smoothie, green apple, and Do The Dew.

When reviewing the sales shit much of it consists of fruit, candy, and soft drink flavors. Senator Jay Rockefeller claims these flavors would not appeal to adult users, but the senators claims seem to be contradicted by Palm Beach Vapors sales data. “It is patently ridiculous to say that because we offer a broad spectrum of flavors, we are marketing to children,” says Palm Beach Vapors co-founder Chip Paul who provided the sales data this year. The chain of e-cigarette stores bans e-cigarette sales to anyone under the age of 18.

Paul noted that customer behavior is to start with a tobacco flavor, since it is familiar, then switch to a sweeter flavor within two weeks.

Similarly, Dolce Vapes offers a wide variety of sweet and savory e-liquid flavors in addition to conventional cigarette flavors. Many users prefer our unique flavors, opting for e-liquid flavors like banana cream pie and mojito. Dolce Vapes does not market to children, but do believe our customers deserve a choice between conventional and non-conventional flavors.

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