Many high profile e-cigarette companies are moving e-cig production from overseas to the US. Company officials claim the move is an attempt to improve product quality, but is also a response to critics of current production facilities and standards.

New US production facilities will make it easier for e-cigarette manufacturers to closely track production standards, and manage quality. Manufacturers also claim that production costs may actually decrease, which is a shock to many who believe US production comes at a higher cost.

While the move may truly be an effort to increase production quality, many believe e-cigarette manufacturers are planning the move to comply with upcoming US Food and Drug Administration rules and regulations. E-cig manufacturers who want access to the US market will need to register with the FDA, and list all product ingredients.

The FDA has made it clear that they want more controls in place to oversee the production of e-cigarettes, and over e-cig manufacturers in general. The move to the US could help e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers meet compliance regulations more easily.

Current reports show only one US e-cigarette company that manufactures electronic cigarettes in the US, with a factor located in Kansas. While many companies produce their e-cigarettes overseas, many produce e-liquid in the US.

If this is true and leading e-cigarette manufacturers move production to the US it could mean many more jobs for Americans.

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