The British Medical Journal or BMJ, recently published an informative e-cigarette video that highlights basic ecigarette facts, and touches upon potential risks, nicotine levels, etc. The video, which was intended for the medical industry, also provides some key insights into ecigs and the industry.


In the video, the BMJ touches on topics which are important to potential e-cig smokers like:

  • Nicotine levels depend on the smoker, and the method of vaping
  • E-cigarette usage has increased rapidly and greatly
  • There is no current evidence to support that e-cigarettes could lead to cigarette or other drug use.
  • There appears to be no extra risk in using e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes at the same time.
  • E-cigarettes have been used to quit traditional cigarettes

In the video the BMJ explains that nicotine consumption is effected to a degree by the individual. The way you inhale, how much you inhale, and how often you smoke, can effect how much nicotine you consume. While the video does mention the lack of evidence regarding associated risks, it's also important to note that e-cigarettes are relatively new to the market, and significant studies gauging risk have yet to be published.


What are your thoughts about the statements made in the video by the BMJ? What did you conclude from what was said? Let us know in the comment section below.


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