Traveling by flight these days is a long, draining, and stressful process. Travelers are expected to arrive 1 to 2 hours early, but that might not be enough with the long lines and in depth security checks. Going through the process is dreadful enough, but leaving your electronic cigarette at home can make it even worse.

Don’t travel without your favorite Dolce Vapes e-liquid. Follow these e-cigarette guidelines for international and domestic flights and keep your e-cig with you:

Tip #1: Pack Light

Packing light is general travel advice you should follow at all times, but especially when packing electronic cigarettes and e liquid. When traveling, pack only enough e-liquid to last the trip. If you do need to pack more than a few bottles, pack them in your check-in luggage rather than your carry- on. Multiple quantities of e-juice can look suspicious, and lead to a bag check if screened in your carry-on.

Tip #2: Be Open & Honest

If asked about your e-cigarette device or e-liquids be upfront and honest about your supplies. If asked, tell TSA exactly what each component is and how you use them. Most TSA offers will be able to identify the product, but some may not know what an e-cigarette or e-liquid is. Be patient, and answer questions politely.

Tip #4: Check Ahead

Rules may change depending on the airline and the airport. Check with the airport’s regulations before packing any items other than clothing. Some airports may not allow you to bring your device onboard with your carry-on while others will. Checking online ahead of time will save you time and money.

Tip #5: Don’t Vape On-Board

This may seem like common knowledge, but many e-cigarette users believe that because they are vaping and not smoking that they can smoke in-doors. It is still against the law to vape or smoke on an airplane. While vapor does not contain irritants, high altitudes and tight quarters can make it more likely for vapor to irritate others. To be considerate of other members on the plane, do not vape until off your flight.

We hope these tips were helpful! Let us know about your travel vaping experience in the comment section below.

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