To determine the quality of your e-liquid, first search for the label. Does it say Dolce Vapes? Congratulations your e-liquid is high quality!


Dolce Vapes produces high quality e-liquids with great flavor at great value, but what if you bought another brand of e juice?


Here’s how you can determine the quality of an e liquid product:


1)   Strict Guidelines


Premium e liquids are produced under strict guidelines in order to meet potential FDA regulations. While the FDA hasn’t officially released guidelines for eliquids yet, recent statements reflect that the intention to do so is clear. Those manufacturers who are ahead of the game, and care about the quality of their products, have already implemented guidelines to meet potential FDA requirements.


2)   Pure Ingredients


Quality e liquids feature quality products. It’s a simple idea that unfortunately isn’t carried out by all e liquid manufacturers. High quality e liquids are kosher and pharmaceutical grade.


3)    E Liquid Flavor


When smoking a quality e liquid your taste buds should be heightened. Dolce Vapes uses top grade natural and artificial flavoring that provides a rich taste, that’s not overpowering. You’ll enjoy e liquid flavors like banana cream pie, almond ameretto, and brandy, without feeling overpowered and without taking away from the vaping experience.


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4)   The Throat Hit


When nicotine hits the back of your throat while inhaling, it is referred to as the “throat hit.” The difference between delicious e juices or e liquids and those of lower quality is that when exhaled, a quality e liquid or e juice will feel like you inhaled air not heavy smoke. Dolce Vapes also does so without adding additional nicotine, which some companies do.


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5)   Vapor


Many e cigarette smokers are concerned with the amount of vapor produced when vaping. What many don’t know is that the e-cigarette (ecig) itself is not solely responsible for the vapor. In all actuality, the e liquid or e juice you use has much to do with the vapor produced when using an ecig. With Dolce Vapes e liquids you’ll enjoy thick vapor, unlike what our competitors produce. Enjoy vapor not smoke


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