There are three main types of e-cigs on the market. To make sure you choose the right e-cigarette type and model, you’ll need to understand the differences, advantages and disadvantages, and comparison shop.

The three types of e-cigarettes are Minis, Mid-Size and APVs. Read more about these e-cig types then choose an e-juice to match from our great e-liquid collection!


The most popular e-cig type for smokers new to vaping, these e-cigarettes look and feel much like a traditional cigarette. These e-cigs are also known as or referred to as: look-alikes, cigalikes, looky-likies, and stick e-cigarettes. Minis are also cheaper in cost in comparison to other e-cig types.

Many minis work automatically, meaning that there is no on or off switch. The product recognizes air pressure decreases, and operates the internal switch which turns on the atomizer coil. You can find manual minis, if you prefer to be able to turn your device on and off manually.

Minis are great for users who prefer to vape discreetly. However, if you smoke it indoors you risk confusing the people around you, who will assume you are smoking a cigarette.


  • Looks and feels like a cigarette
  • Small and therefore discreet
  • Cheapest way to start vaping
  • Ideal for light to moderate smokeers
  • Great for people switching from traditional cigarettes


  • Battery life is low, lasting from 45 min to two hours
  • Larger models have better performance
  • Not sufficient enough for heavy smokers
  • The automatic batteries can be damaged by liquid leaking


Mid-Sized e-cigarettes have been rated as the #1 model by e-cig users. Mid-Sized e-cigarettes are also referred to as eGo-type, e-Go-size, and Fat-Batt. The mid-sized e-cigarette with a clearomiser is a benchmark model. Most mid-sized models are manual, it is very difficult to find an automatic version. As second generation e-cigarettes, these models have a much larger battery size which allows more use, more battery life, more vapor than a mini, produces more vapor, and fits a wider range of heads.


  • Not too big for smokers to use discreetly
  • Double the performance of a mini
  • Batteries last longer
  • Suits more users than any other type of e-cig


  • 50% more expensive than a mini
  • May feel too large for beginners
  • Almost exclusively manual


APV e-cig types provide ultimate performance. It provides the functionality not normally available in the mini or mid-sized e-cigs. APVs look similar to a mini flashlight with a mouthpiece. New users typically find this model too large and difficult to use. It may not be comfortable to use if you have small hands. However, those who become familiar with e-cigarettes and vaping enjoy this model because it provides the optimal experience. With longer battery life and more vapor, experienced e-cig users upgrade to this model.


  • Performance is three times better than that of a mini
  • Extended battery life
  • Some base units last a lifetime
  • Advanced functionality comes in handy for experienced users
  • More reliable


  • Expensive to get started
  • Manual models

 Which e-cigarette type is for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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