"There are a few ways to ensure you’re respecting others, while still enjoying your quality e-cig experience."

At Dolce Vapes we work hard to make sure our customers enjoy our e-cigarette experience, but we are also aware that non-smokers do not 100% understand e-cigs or vapor, and may feel uncomfortable breathing it in.  

That is why we take the time to explain our product in detail, and are always open to communicating with both our customers and the general public. If those who enjoy vaping, or smoking e-cigarettes, are mindful of their surroundings and the people around them, they will encounter far fewer issues and be able to enjoy their vapor more often.

With the creation of e-cigarettes many smokers are enjoying smoking anywhere, anytime. Walking down the street, at the airport, or even at your favorite store you will see more people-exhaling vapor these days.


It seems advertisers would agree that e-cigarettes come with a freedom traditional smoking lacks. Many ads depict customers using their stealthy, and sleek e-cigs to enjoy a smoke while out in public spaces. In fact many of the locations depicted in ads are the same establishments that have previously banned cigarette smoke.

Why do we believe it’s proper to smoke our e-cigs in public, while real cigarettes are forbidden? The answer is because the vapor released from an e-cig is not defined as “smoke” per se.

In addition to the lack of smoke released from e-cigarettes, they also lack the lingering strong undesirable odor of traditional cigarettes.  Which is why so many Dolce Vape users feel comfortable smoking their e-cigarettes in public spaces.


There are a few ways to ensure you’re respecting others, while still enjoying your quality e-cig experience.

   Here’s a guide to e-cigarette use in public:
  1. Bars: people at bars tend to be less sensitive of cigarette smoke. You should be able to enjoy your Dolce Vape e-cig without trouble.

  2. Restaurants: many restaurants have strict policies, even against e-cigarettes. You should be able to enjoy your vapor out front or on a patio without issue.

  3. Department Stores: many malls and department stores have approved e-cigarette use as long as no patrons complain, and you exhale discretely.

  4. Around children: parents are very sensitive about their children and exposure to cigarettes, so it’s probably best to keep your vapor to a minimum around children.

  5. At School: Universities have some smoking regulations, but often not towards e-cigarettes. On campus grounds you are free to enjoy your vapor, but not in the classroom. If you have a roommate be mindful of them, and ask if they mind if you vape or not.


In general most people have embraced e-cigs and vapor, and have no issue with their use. If you follow traditional cigarette rules like avoiding exhaling near someone’s face, etc you should be able to enjoy the sweet flavor of your Dolce Vapes without issue.


Let us know what you think? What are some etiquette rules you follow when smoking an e-cigarette? Do you vape carefully when in public? Let us know in the comment section below.

  • May 23, 2014
  • Benjamin Small