E-juice, e-liquid, flavors, clouds, and hardware. There are so many options out there I am hoping to clear the shroud for some of you. Many questions come along with choosing the right e-liquid. What makes the best e-liquid? How to choose the highest quality e-liquids? Should there be color? Does it matter what's in it? What are the differences in bottles and tips? Well, I'm here to try and answer all of those for you.


Factoring the Factors
     First off, what makes the best e-liquid... the best? Well in my opinion, there are a few factors that determine the quality of the e-liquid, flavor, consistency, after taste and the clouds it produces (which has a lot to do with the hardware you are using). The flavoring is created by the extracts of real fruits and ingredients, the real stuff! There should be no color or dyes. Secondly, I question the consistency of the liquid. Is it too thick to be sponged up into the cart or atomizer? If it's too runny it can get really messy. Somewhere in between is the golden ratio to long lasting great tasting e-liquids. The clouds production goes hand in hand with the consistency.


Really Real Extracts 
Choosing the right e-liquid is tough, so one thing you should look for is a company using real extracts. An e-liquid company that does this will let you know. It's a little more expensive for them, but there really is no contest between real and fake flavor extracts. A perfectly hand-crafted e-liquid will have consistent flavors across the board. What I'm trying to say is that an e-liquid that tastes great one time may not always be good the next if they are using artificial extracts even if it's the same flavor. So, always look for and find the companies with those consistant great tasting flavors.



Clearly Clear
The proof is in the color, STAY AWAY FROM COLORED E-LIQUID. Dye's do not do anything for vaping. The cloud color does not change and the flavor does not improve. Just think about all those unnecessary additives. Really, there are two colors that all e-liquid should be, clear and some shade of yellow (nicotine will have a yellow tint depending on how munch is used). From my research, I have found that a generic cigarette contains around 1-9mg of nicotine, but an average of 8mg's gets burned off before inhalation. Keep this in mind when choosing an e-liquid with nicotine. Pro Tip #1: Nicotine levels around 3mg-5mg should be fine to get you past that headache. Pro Tip #2: More nicotine, harsher the hit.


End of the Bottle

In conclusion, this little guide should have given you enough insight to make your first e-liquid purchase. I personally get mine from the great team over at Dolce Vapes. They put about a year into development and testing. All their e-liquid's are hand-crafted and taste tested to guarantee the best results. I have especially been digging on Dolce Vapes because the e-liquid they produce is clear, consistent, smells great and always on point. Navigate on over to their new website at http://www.dolcevapes.com


  • May 14, 2014
  • Benjamin Small