Many Different Flavors, One Dolce E Liquid

There are a lot of e-liquid vendors these days; and it seems like everyone and their mothers are coming up with their own concoctions. Some aren't pretty but some are good. That's fine if your looking for just a "good" e-liquid with hit or miss flavors and inconsistent... consistency.  At Dolce Vapes, you wont find anything but the best; the best flavor extracts, the best PG/VG, all food grade and all fall under the new FDA regulations.

When you vape on Dolce Vapes premium e-liquid, you will instantly know the difference.  There's actually this "magical little thing" that happens, it's the Dolce Double Dab.


dolce-double-dab (dohl-chey-duhb-uhl-dab)noun/verb:

Verb:  The act of double dipping the first time you try Dolce Vapes premium e-liquid; consequently this creates a perpetual action resulting in increase flavor and happiness levels.


The Dolce take over has begun. Someone needed to do something about the mediocre flavors roaming the planet. Not to mention the wimpy fog that many e-liquid companies offer and the blown out crazy names. Well the train stop here. We have put our foot down hard and created what we think is the way it should be. Our line up includes tried and true favorites such as Ripe Strawberry, Blueberry, Honeydew Melon just to name a few. We also carry special blends like Old Fashion and Tobacco Red. More special blend flavors will be introduced in the coming days.

  • April 22, 2014
  • Benjamin Small